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In-person sessions, classes, meditations, telephone, and video sessions. 

*Many of my individual sessions are over the phone. There is no such thing as time or space in the realm we work within so it does not have to be in person.

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Energetic Healing


Energy Healing • Healing Therapy • Chakra Balancing • Aura Clearing • Spirit Readings • Guided Meditations • Psychic Training • Spiritual Counseling

I am a certified Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Teacher, and Spiritual Minister. The certification process further honed my intuition, clairvoyance, and healing skills.  I am deeply grateful to be on this path of service to those who want to deepen their life experience on a conscious level—in healing, growth, and spiritual freedom. 

The work I participate within is a process of discovering the endless possibilities and mysteries of this life. I found that when working with others, giving and receiving are truly one, and there is mutual healing that goes on in any session or group meditation.  This practice is a collaboration between myself and the seeker that promotes self-discovery. As human beings in this world, we are connected to and experience all of humanity, whether we are conscious of this it or not. everything is connected. By healing our emotional limits, or "peeling off the layers" of our belief systems, we create space to allow more abundance, joy, and love: essentially our true essence.  In this journey there are countless ways to explore and become our potential, to live with enthusiasm, and purpose, to forgive, and find compassion.

My intent is to work with those who are focused on awakening to their truest path and are open to and curious about the process of allowing this.

Kathryn is named as one of the Top 50 Psychics in the US. in Jennifur Diamonds 2016 Edition. You can grab a copy of this book Here.