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*Many of my individual sessions are over the phone. There is no such thing as time or space in the realm we work within so it does not have to be in person.

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Kathryn was born and raised in Dallas, and educated in Virginia and Paris. She lived in San Francisco most of her adult life where she was a partner in a successful commercial photography agency. A free spirit and adventurer, she has traveled to many places in the world, exploring, searching, and listening. During a long stay in Buenos Aires, something shifted in her intuitive space. She starting noticing messages from the Universe, what many would see as coincidences or strange occurrences. These were very personal and direct. The more she opened her eyes to see, the more information arrived. 

Soon she moved to Santa Fe, NM and started meditating. Almost immediately her sense of self shifted. She had discovered a language that spoke to her--a silent language. After several years of study at The Center for Inner Truth in Santa Fe, developing her 6th chakra, she became a clairvoyant reader, certified as a teacher of intuition, and ordained as a spiritual minister. 

Today, Kathryn practices a unique method that psychically looks at the client in terms of growth cycles and life path. She does a healing on the energy centers, or chakras, and clears one’s personal psychic space, or aura. This helps to release energetic stagnation, attachments, outdated or negative belief patterns, other people’s energy, fear and other emotions that keep one from healing and from moving forward. This process of letting go allows more clarity and ease in one’s life path. Kathryn works together with the client to create a healing and she also clairvoyantly reads what is going on. 

Kathryn is named as one of the Top 50 Psychics in the US. in Jennifur Diamonds 2016 Edition. You can grab a copy of this book Here.

Kathryn works with individuals and groups. She teaches Meditation, Clairvoyance, and Energy tools, privately. Kathryn is also on staff with Intuitive Insights Center Los Angeles, The Den Meditation Center Los Angeles, and remotely with Center For Inner Truth Santa Fe