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In-person sessions, classes, meditations, telephone, and video sessions. 

*Many of my individual sessions are over the phone. There is no such thing as time or space in the realm we work within so it does not have to be in person.

Tel. 415.250.3251

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Intuitive Healing Training: Level 1

We are made up of three parts: spirit, mind & body.  Most forms of healing focus on the body.  The spiritual aspect of healing is often missing.  

In this weekly, 6 month, intensive Program here is a sample of what you will learn:

• Experience Present time as a Soul from the 6th Chakra
• Re-train your Energy through the body
• Work with a Healing Guide as you give and receive Spiritual Healings
• Work with the Akashic records
• Understand contracts, agreements with family and others.
• Deprogram your negative patterns that do not serve you such as guilt, fear, and self-doubt.
• Develop and exercise your 6th Chakra and learn to read energy.
• Repair the layers of the aura and understand the function of each chakra.
• Explore the Astral, and much more
• You will become someone who can meditate, with ease, and get your own answers.
• You will learn to trust your self and live with more joy.
• You will learn to manifest what you want in life.
You will be certified as an Intuitive Healing Practitioner.

This is a self healing program and as well as a clairvoyant program. Even if you don’t want to be a professional Intuitive healer or reader, you will come out of this program shifted, with more self awareness, validation, and peace.

Tuesday's weekly, Beginning April 11
10am - 11.30am for 24weeks
The Den Meditation Center, Los Angeles
sign up here: Intuitive Healing Training

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Intuitive Healing Telephone Training

This is the same curriculum as the in-person training. In this weekly program, you will start to heal from past experiences and become better equipped you to deal with day-to-day events.   

Using the tools will enable you to find more harmony and ease in creating your goals and life aspirations.

This is a commitment about giving to your self. You will learn to give and receive, without depleting your own energetic body. This is a life changer.

This course is for the spirit who is ready for the next step, and it will help reveal who you really are, not just your stories.

It is taught in a most loving compassionate and safe energetic environment. You have all the answers within.



How much does the training cost?   The program is $300 per month or $1800 total for 6 months. 

This can be paid monthly or LAST MONTH FREE if paid in Total, for $1500.

I will send an 800 dial in number with a code. Weekly I will send a reminder with the same dial in info. it's easy!

How long and how many hours a week are required and what exactly will I be doing?   It's a 6-month program, scheduled with one weekly class on Wednesday evenings, for usually 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

If you miss a class, you can always listen to the recording of the lecture which I will send to everyone.

What will I learn?    You'll learn 'tools'.  The focus of the curriculum is teaching how to "read" which heals the self, and work with spirit.   

You will be able to use the tools you learn in this program out in the “unreal” world.

Are my friends going to think I'm crazy?   Probably… until they have an issue and then they'll call and ask you to look at something for them—after which, you won't be so crazy. 

What if I am afraid that I will see and know too much by taking this program?  You will learn to manage your psychic energy rather than your psychic energy managing you!

Wednesday's weekly, Beginning April 12
6.15pm PST - 7.30pm PST for 24weeks
via your phone
To sign up: email me or call

Weekly, every Wednesday.

10am - 11am at The Den in Los Angeles

Meet Your Spirit Guides
Creative, Spiritual & Emotional Help Waiting for You! We will explore the realm of invisible helpers here to assist you on your journey. This fun, interactive exploration will acquaint you with your guides, spirit helpers, and angel beings. These beings watch, teach, and help you heal on this physical journey into spiritual awareness. Clear out any energies or beings that are not helping you fulfill this journey. Learn how to work with them. Meet your guides and spirit master and learn to receive and give healings! This workshop helps you to clear away old notions of having to be In Total Control, and offers simple intuitive techniques for communicating with your guides. Ask for solutions to be revealed, ask for creative inspiration, for a great job, for more love. Ask and you shall receive!