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Inspired by the wisdom and healing of Chakras, these playful leggings are sure to elevate your soul. Proudly made in the USA and designed in Aspen, Colorad.


About Chakras

Inspired by Chakra Balancing


Ancient Sanskrit knowledge tells us that energy moves in channels and centers in the body. These wheels or centers of energy are called chakras. When a center is open, the energy that flows through that chakra allows needs to be met more effortlessly. If energy becomes blocked, then manifesting is more difficult to actualize. The ancient practice of connecting with your chakras leads to deep transformation and empowerment, providing optimal space for manifesting your dreams.


Earth-Friendly Practices

Leggings are made using an eco-friendly sublimation process. That means each pair of leggings are made to order and are printed onto the fabric, then cut and hand-sewn saving excess waste from both fabric and ink.